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About Gareth

Gareth has been marketing on the Internet since 2004. He has consulted for companies from Brand names to small startups. All of which have become successful under his guidance. In the past 6 years alone, he has been responsible for generating over $200 Million online for either his clients or his own businesses.

Over the years Gareth has also spoken at some of the most well-known and prestigious Internet Marketing events such as Armand Morin’s Big Seminar and the Glazer Kennedy Super Conference.

Gareth’s focus is marketing on Google and following a proven sales process. He has spent Millions of Dollars generating traffic on the Google Ads platform with astonishing results and ROI. He has even had the privilege of being invited to Google HQ. Not something everyone gets to see and experience.

Apart from his own e-commerce businesses Gareth now also focuses on helping others create the lifestyle and success of their dreams. There is No “Get Rich Quick” just good old fashioned hard work and following a successful process.

Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Gareth Owen. I am originally from the United Kingdom (UK), but I now reside in Orlando, Florida.

You may be wondering “who is this guy?”, “why should I listen to him?’, “Does he know what he is talking about?”. And to be honest I would not blame you at all for thinking that way.

I have been working online since 1998 but professionally since 2004. I have consulted with companies from small Local Businesses to Brand Name companies. In total I have been responsible for well over $200 Million in sales.

My first start was with my own small Hotel Business in London in the late 1990’s. Just as websites were coming out! There was no Google just Yahoo and AOL. I found a way to get that business top of Yahoo and the reservations poured in. Before that I had to rely on getting the hotel into physical Guide Books to get customers.

I then started playing around with buying websites off eBay. I would purchase a site that offered a paid download product. Run traffic to it, make money and then sell that website for 50 x what I bought it for. To be honest while writing this I have no idea why I ever stopped doing that!

I then moved on to selling Health Insurance. The Broker I worked with allowed me to have my own website. I ran paid traffic to generate leads and worked on my own SEO strategies. In short, I managed to get that site to #1 in Google UK for “Health Insurance” and related terms. I was above Billion Dollar companies in Organic search and I was getting loads of leads every day. At this point I just sold them as they came in to other brokers for $50 each!

I had now become known as an expert SEO guy. I consulted for some big companies that did incredibly well with my strategies. I then decided that the future was in Paid Advertising.

I got incredibly lucky to run the traffic for a large ecommerce business in 2010. They were already doing $9 Million a year in sales. By the time I finished working with them in 2018 they were doing over $40 Million a year in sales.

There have been so many more successful clients a long with 2 personal businesses I am involved with in the USA that between them generate over $14 Million a year.

Lately my passion has been to help people build and grow their own sucessful businesses. I believe in generosity and giving value to all my students who are as goal-oriented and determined as I am. Start you training with me Today and enjoy all the Free content that I post in my Blog and subscribe to get my regular Free trainings.

Every now and then I create Products that I sell. Yes, for Money! I also have a Mastermind Group that allows me to work with nice people who want to achieve success both financially and personally.

Thank you for taking the time to read my sotry and I hope to work with you soon!


Gareth Owen