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About Gareth

Gareth has been marketing on the Internet since 2004. He has consulted for companies from Brand names to small startups. All of which have become successful under his guidance. In the past 6 years alone, he has been responsible for generating over $200 Million online for either his clients or his own businesses.

Over the years Gareth has also spoken at some of the most well-known and prestigious Internet Marketing events such as Armand Morin’s Big Seminar and the Glazer Kennedy Super Conference.

Gareth’s focus is marketing on Google and following a proven sales process. He has spent Millions of Dollars generating traffic on the Google Ads platform with astonishing results and ROI. He has even had the privilege of being invited to Google HQ. Not something everyone gets to see and experience.

Apart from his own e-commerce businesses Gareth now also focuses on helping others create the lifestyle and success of their dreams. There is No “Get Rich Quick” just good old fashioned hard work and following a successful process.

Build a Successful Business


​I have been working online since 1998. I have consulted with companies from small Local Businesses to Brand Name companies. In total, I have been responsible for well over $200 Million in sales.


​I spent Millions of Dollars generating traffic on the Google Ads platform with astonishing results and ROI. Now I bring to you a Proven Sales Process that is guaranteed to give you great results.


​My biggest passion is to help other people create the lifestyle and success of their dreams. I offer you a 100% Commitment and Support in helping you to build a Successful Business today.

Together We Can Do It All

You Fail to Succeed Because

  • You just want a “Get Rich Quick’ system. These systems do not exist so if someone offers you one – they are a liar. Just run!
  • You are not willing to spend money on Advertising your business. I know some Free traffic works but it is the Long route to success and me for one have very little interest in it.
  • You want everything done for you. That is not going to happen. To achieve your goals and success it takes time and work. All my students understand that philosophy and become successful by sticking to it.

What I can Do for You

  • 100% Commitment in helping you to become Successful
  • The latest up to date Advertising, Marketing & Direct Response Strategies
  • Teach you to turn targeted advertising into healthy profit
  • Give you total support all the way
  • Guaranteed a good laugh and fun along the way

Ready to Learn How for Yourself?